Trusted list of the best online pharmacies that sell safe and affordable medications

Despite the fact that pharmacies work even under quarantine restrictions, there are many opportunities for ordering medications online. For example, the listed online pharmacies can deliver drugs to your home and even have an online consultation service.

Demodeks (CSAT: 5.0)
Unit 1/4 Trizolpic Ct, Lonsdale SA 5160, Australia | +61 1300 553 291 |

I go to this pharmacy all the time and never had a problem with any of the pharmacy assistants who I personally find to be respectful all the time, but tonight 12/4/20, I went there exactly 8:27 PM to collect medication, and the pharmacist on duty is a short Indian young man, I stand therefore a few minutes watching him pouring medications. He had his bare hands putting and taking out medicine from the countertop. He was pouring the drugs onto the package. I called out to him and told him what he’s doing right there is unsanitary, and he knows that’s certainly not the proper way to pour meds. He looked me straight in the face and denied his actions even though I stand there watching him for a few minutes and even showed what he was doing to one of his co-workers who say she knows what he’s doing is wrong. That right there needs to be addressed because he’s putting other people’s lives at risk. I’m so disgusted by this.

Been coming here for years, and Demodeks has an LGBTQ discount for buying or fulfilling the mounting prescriptions many of us face in these times. Just arrive in the hours around when traffic would be heaviest because those people are coming either coming. I found a way to beat the only problem: the sheer number of us Queers pouring into LA like they have a dream and goals or something, I mean, right? (is this a problem! THE ANSWER IS: no. (In British accent:) To proceed, although the center HAS done a lot of Covid cleaning methods are around every corner. So with the hand gel antibacterial pooling in your hand, best of all, you can be sure employees at the LGBT pharmacy are attentive to their job!

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.2)
36/38 Donegal Rd, Lonsdale SA 5160, Australia | +61 8 8384 6422 |

I get faster service when I pay for my prescriptions online and use the drive-up. Last month I walked in for my flu shot. Nobody was there, but the wait was kind of long. I walked around, and a lot of shelves were empty. I was looking at prices, and they are astronomically high. I guess you pay for convenience. The pharmacist finally got to me, and she was very polite. I didn’t feel her poke me. I think that English is her second language, but we could communicate when I spoke slowly and used simple terms.

My wife had problems with checking out, but thanks to Jorge, the manager at ViaQX Pharmacy, everything worked out! Thanks, Jorge! Gold Star!

United Chemists Southgate (CSAT: 3.6)
Southgate Plaza Shopping Centre, Shop 8, Sherriffs Rd, Morphett Vale SA 5162, Australia | +61 8 8382 2264 |

This is my go-to place for vitamins and drugs. The staff is very friendly and treat you very well. We all need to support our local businesses. These huge corporations are chewing small businesses – a great business owned by great people.

I just find out that the medicine I have taken for a month. It is wrong, and it is refilled. I wish United Chemists Southgate to investigate this to see how could this happen?

Flaxmill Road Guardian Pharmacy (CSAT: 5.0)
1/303 Flaxmill Road Flaxmill Shopping Centre, 9 Midhurst Ave, Christie Downs SA 5164, Australia | +61 8 8384 1458 |

Flaxmill Road Guardian Pharmacy has got all the drugstore things you need, and things are always in stock. They must have no storage space at all to speak of because there are constantly giant boxes in the aisles. This is pretty inconvenient if the one product you’re coming to get is directly behind the giant heavy bins. There’s never much of a wait to check out.

I absolutely love and adore this office!!! I have never had a problem!! The people who work here are simply wonderful!! My Doctor is so understanding and caring!! They really care about everyone, and they show it!! I love this office!!!!!!!